Warm-up with Vintage Bordeaux from Methuselahs

Now that December is here, I thought it was time to go classic: Methuselahs of Bordeaux from two legendary vintages: 2005 Potensac and 2000 d’Armailhac.05 is just starting to become approachable, and Potensac has long been one of my favorite go-tos for value/quality ratio. The wines always show well, even in youth, and tasting the 2005 out of 6L is sure to be a special treat.

Then, for the weekend, the classically Pauillac wines from d’Armailhac. Originally from the same plots as what was to become Mouton Rothschild, these wines are pleasurable and often more accessible in youth than their legendary neighbor. Of course, the Rothschilds also have now owned d’Armailhac for quite some time, so there’s a shared fanaticism and drive for quality there as well. 2000 is one of my favorite vintages – though still full of freshness, it is beginning to showcase the earthy elegance that great Bordeaux gets as it ages.

Step in out of the cold and come enjoy the classic depths of great Bordeaux!

Château Potensac,
Médoc 2005
Poured from a 6-Liter Methuselah

Château d’Armailhac,
Pauillac 5ème Cru Classé 2000
Poured from a 6-Liter Methuselah