Jeroboams of Burgundy and Methuselahs of Beaujolais

This week we’ll revisit Burgundy, checking in on the still-youthful (but pleasurable!) 2017. Michel Noëllat is a 6th-generation Domaine based in Vosne-Romanée making lovely, classically-styled Burgundy. Lots of spice and tension in their wines, and minimal new oak. We’ll open Jeroboams of the 2017 Morey-Saint-Denis village; though certainly still youthful, its pleasant rusticity should be on full display, and it’ll be a great glass for the chilly early week.

Then, we’ll join France in the annual celebration of the end-of-harvest: Beaujolais Nouveau day! The Third Thursday of every November, there are parties all over France celebrating the completion of the year’s harvest. Beaujolais producers bottle up juice that has been fermenting for mere weeks and release it to be opened at 12:01…and the party begins!

Jean-Paul Brun makes some wonderful Beaujolais, eschewing carbonic maceration in favor of a more Burgundian style of winemaking. We’ve worked with his Nouveau here at Bar Boulud for many years. Beaujolais Nouveau is all about youthful freshness and pleasure – yet Jean-Paul uses his oldest vines and achieves a pretty wonderful complexity amidst all that snappy Gamay nascency. We’ve got Methuselahs and Jeroboams from him, pouring it all weekend long. Come celebrate!

MONDAY (11/18), TUESDAY (11/19) & WEDNESDAY (11/20)
Michel Noëllat,
Morey-Saint-Denis, Burgundy 2017
Poured from a 3-Liter Jeroboam

THURSDAY (11/21), FRIDAY (11/22), SATURDAY (11/23) & SUNDAY (11/24)
Terres Dorées (Jean-Paul Brun),
Beaujolais Nouveau ‘L’Ancien’ 2019
Poured from both a 3-Liter Jeroboam & a 6-Liter Methuselah