Jeroboams and Truffles – the good things in life!

This week needs little introduction. The wines of Piedmont are known far and wide, and we’ll be delving into Jeroboams nearly all week long. Beginning with Vietti’s Barolo ‘Castiglione’ – a blend of multiple sites, we’ll balance between Barolo and Barbaresco. Muscularity and elegance, mountain fruit and robust, herbaceous spice.

These wines are elegant and intense. One of the great pairings of our world is Nebbiolo and Truffles. They come from the same soil, after all. Chef Dieter will be crafting some truffle dishes to enhance these wonderful wines all week long. Once the Jeroboams are through, I’ve got one magnum of a back-vintage Paitin to offer on Sunday.

Come grab a glass! 

MONDAY (11/11), TUESDAY (11/2) & WEDNESDAY (11/13)
Barolo ‘Castiglione’ 2011
Poured from a 3-Liter Jeroboam

THURSDAY (11/14)
Produttori del Barbaresco,
Barbaresco 2014
Poured from a 3-Liter Jeroboam

FRIDAY (11/15) & SATURDAY (11/16)
Barolo ‘Ravera’ 2011
Poured from a 3-Liter Jeroboam

SUNDAY (11/17)
Barbaresco ‘Sori’ Paitin’ 2006