Full Bodied Savor from the South of France

Very early on, here at 64th Street, I learned to love Bandol. They always had their own page dedicated to their savory brawn; whether firm and robust in youth or pensive and refined in their older age, they showed remarkable finesse and brought intense pleasure.

This week, I thought we’d dive into some of the magnums we’ve got here, in hopes of exploration and of a general warming-up (as the temps have steadied below-freezing!).

We’ll begin with Tour du Bon’s classic cuvee from 2011, then move on toward the 2009 vintage old-vine single-vineyard offering. This is no longer, having been re-imagined from the ’13 vintage onward. These are wonderful expressions of the strong sensuousness of the Mourvedre grape (and its supporting cast).

For the weekend, we’ll showcase the most famed of Bandol’s houses: Domaine Tempier. Founded by Lucien and Lulu Peyraud in the 40s, these wines have become the hallmark of grandiose Bandol and its ability to unfold majestically. The 2017 vintage coincided with Lulu’s 100th birthday, and the classique cuvée was named ‘pour Lulu’ in her honor. Though she passed away late last year, we honor her longevity and celebrate her artisanship by uncorking these magnums.

Hoping you are all well, and to see you this week.


TUESDAY (2/16) – WEDNESDAY (2/17)
Domaine de la Tour du Bon
Bandol 2011

Domaine de la Tour du Bon
Bandol ‘Saint Ferréol’ 2008 

FRIDAY (2/19) – SUNDAY (2/21)
Domaine Tempier
Bandol ‘pour Lulu’ 2017