End 2020 on the Left Bank!

As this bizarre year winds its way down (temperatures going along with it) I thought it high time to go bigger with the bottles and the wine.

With Bistro fare, there’s naught a much better pairing than Bordeaux. Whether chowing down on a Truffle Burger or delighting in a robust Beef Bourguignon, the palate-cleansing elegance of Bordeaux is a perfect match.

I’ve got 5L Jeroboams (those Bordelaise and their varying names!) of Baron de Brane Margaux: the second wine of Brane-Cantenac. Dark fruits and intense smoke and leather infuse a tannic, bodied mouthfeel. This is an excellent example of the greatness of Bordeaux blends…and out of the large bottle, retains a youthful freshness that’s hard to find otherwise.

I may also have some bubbles open for NYE…but you’ll have to come in to find out!

I hope you are all healthy and well, and for a return to normalcy soon. Bonne Année!

TUESDAY (12/29) – SUNDAY (1/03)
Baron de Brane Margaux
Bordeaux 2015
Poured from a 5-Liter Jeroboam