THIS WEEK: Big Bottle Beaujolais

Max Breton took over the family domaine from his grandfather in 1986 and has been expressing the purity of his region ever since. He’s one of four very well known winemakers dubbed “The Gang of Four” by renowned wine importer Kermit Lynch—disciples of Jules Chauvet who returned Beaujolais to its honest, older days by refusing to use herbicides and pesticides; rigorously sorting the grapes; not filtering or chaptalizing.

The flagship wine in Max’s domaine is his Morgon—made up of old vines from two sub-zones, this is a wine of stony elegance, of dark hues brightened by pleasurable acidity and tied together with just a slightly tannic structure.

We were lucky enough to have Max bottle us 6Ls of this cuvée; we’ll be pouring through them all week long. Hope to see you soon. 

ALL WEEK LONG (10/21 – 10/27)
Guy Breton Morgon,
Beaujolais 2018
Poured from a 6-Liter Methuselah