Balthazars from Gascony

This month, we’re celebrating the wondrous, robust dish that is Cassoulet. Chef Dieter won the Cassoulet War last year with his fabulous, classic preparation of the dish, and all month long (as well as into February) we’re featuring it. This wintry time of year definitely calls for this savory stew that originated in Southwest France.

It’s always important to me to explore why cuisine of a place pairs so well with the wines of that same region, so this week we’ll be doing just that. I got my hands on a few 12Ls of the most famous Madiran house, Château Montus. These wines are dominated by the Tannat grape (generally shored up with both Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc). Dense, dark-fruited and dusty; these are wines that fabulously accompany the rich dish that is Cassoulet. Montus is only a couple of hours away from Castelnaudry, the city that claims the fame of inventing Cassoulet.

Rusticity is all this week at Bar Boulud: come revel in our take on the farmhouse classic and grab a full-bodied glass that will refresh and supplement the dish. Bonne année!

ALL WEEK LONG (1/6 – 1/12)
Château Montus,
Madiran 2012
Poured from a 12-Liter Balthazar