A week of great Champagne

New Year’s Eve Special, Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve from a 15-Liter Nebuchadnezzar, followed by a week of great Champagne.

Champagne is one of my favorite places. Champagne is one of my favorite beverages. Champagne is one of my favorite moods. This week we will open some really special wines, including a Nebuchadnezzar of Billecart-Salmon on New Year’s Eve.

Like many of the large bottle names, no one can quite say exactly why the Nebuchadnezzar is named after one of the old kings of biblical times. Nebuchadnezzar, one of the ancient Kings of Babylon, was arguably their greatest king, and is the name of a 15-bottle, which holds 20 bottles of wine. Methusaleh lived for nearly a thousand years, and lends his name to the 6-Liter bottle soze, which is typically used for Champagne and other sparkling wine. Some think this is a statement about how long that a particular wine can live in the bottle. Since these large bottles do have a time-capsule effect on the longevity of the wine, preserving the wine sometimes for another generation, this makes good sense.

This week we will pour some of our favorite Champagne from large format bottles, including wines from Aurélien Suenen and Emmanuel Brochet. Suenen is one of the great young winemakers in Champagne, focuses mainly on the Grand Cru villages of Cramant, Chouilly and Oiry in the Côte des Blancs. Emmanuel Brochet, working in the village of Villers-Aux-Noeux in the Montagne de Reims, has a single 2.5 hectare vineyard, the lieu-dit of Le Mont Benoît. Brochet is a first generation winemaker who has pristine vineyards which he farms organically, seeking a sense of balance between plant and soil. Emmanuel has also successfully experimented with selections of ambient yeast from his own cellar, creating his own liqueur de tirage for the secondary fermentation. More than this, the compelling point for Brochet is in the glass, where the wines express purity and finesse.

So please join us this week, and help us ring in the new year!

Brut Réserve NV
Poured from a 15-Liter Nebuchadnezzar 

Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs,
Oiry Grand Cru,
Base 2015

Emmanuel Brochet,
Extra Brut ‘Le Mont BenoÎt’ 1er Cru,
Blend of 2013 & 2014

Pascal Doquet,
Extra Brut ‘Diapason’ Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Grand Cru,
Base 2007

Georges Laval,
Brut Nature,
Cumières 1er Cru NV

Ruinart Rose,
Brut Rosé NV

Val Frison,
Brut Nature,
Blanc de Noirs ‘Goustan’ Base 2014