6L Rosé for the Week of Mother’s Day! | 5/4 – 5/9/21

Well, it’s officially May and the weather continues to cascade toward splashy sun and humming humidity. 

For a long time now I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the wines of Château Peyrassol — whose rosés have often capsulated exactly the goldilocksian balance of refreshing and intriguing that many fall short of. It’s always a treat to find an enjoyable, well-made example of such (particularly as the drink-rosé-on-principal season rears its trendy head).

Unfortunately, Rosenthal (always one of my favorite books and a stalwart of quality) broke off with Peyrassol after the ‘19 vintage; seems the temptation of broadening quantity proved too great.

That said, they still have plenty of 2019s in large format, and I simply had to pounce on the opportunity to explore such! It’s a great thing to age one’s rosé (at least a bit) and, always, a greater thing to do so in large format.

It’s another gorgeous week, and Mother’s Day is en route. Perfect time for Rosé!

Hope we see you soon, and that you are all well.


TUES (5/4) – SUN (5/9)
Côtes de Provence Rosé “Château” France 2019 
Poured from 6-Liter Methuselah