3Ls of Premier Cru and Grand Cru | 1/3 – 1/9/22

As we make our way into a New Year, the world finds itself in yet another bizarre moment. The reflective nature inherent in time’s passing is only deepened by the current viral state that abounds. Everyone’s had a difficult pandemic, and it continues to stretch itself farther into our lives than we had hoped.

But Janus, the two-faced God for whom January is named, has long presided over these transitory periods. The gift of looking both ways simultaneously, i suppose, is both blessing and curse. We, however, do not have this to contend with: tho we oft toil with the past, we cannot truly “see” it. Despite all difficulties we currently reside within, there is movement and passage to be found by merely looking forward.

Steeped in tradition, Burgundy continues to be its own mystical bastion of myth & soil; of truth & terroir.

For this week, we’ll open some 3Ls of Clos de la Chapelle’s Beaune 1er “Champs Pimont” from the 2009 vintage — showcasing the early beginnings of age and evolution. These wines have intense life and vibrancy even in youth; they also will change and transform as the years come cascading by. The 09s should show us an early footing, a teenage exploration.

For the weekend, we’ll open something particularly special: a 3L of Corton-Charlemagne, one of the great white wine vineyards of the world. These are from the 2014 vintage — another chance to look into the aging process and perhaps question why we do so at all.

This weekend I thought some Grand Cru White Burgundy would be a fitting celebration for the new year — all swirls of elegance and fruit simply bursting with joy. I may find a special magnum to celebrate as well! I hope you’re all well, and wish you health and wisdom on your journeys forward into whatever may come.


Monday (1/3) – Thursday (1/6)
Clos de la Chapelle
Beaune 1er Cru “Champs Pimont” 2009
Poured from 3-Liter Jeroboam

Friday (1/7) – Sunday (1/9)
Clos de la Chapelle
Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru 2014
Poured from 3-Liter Jeroboam