The Rhône Valley

The Rhône River winds down from Lake Geneva, through the city of Lyon, continuing on its way past the great vineyards of the Northern Rhône, through the historic appellations of the Southern Rhone, and finally washing out to the Mediterranean Sea through the beautiful deltas of the Camargue region of Provence. Such a beautiful river, with its long history and great bounty, holds the imagination. In Lyon, to sit at an outdoor café and watch the people stroll along the river in the spring, is a true joy. In Cornas, to stand in the steep vineyards, and look out over the valley, and see the river snaking below, with the Alps off on the horizon, gives perspective on the size and scope of this place. The Rhône Valley is a remarkable landscape, and also one the most exciting and diverse wine regions in all of France.

This week we are very excited to pour wines from the Rhône Valley at Bar Boulud. We will feature wonderful wines from Cornas, the Vaucluse, Saint Joseph and Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Monday, we are very excited to offer Franck Balthazar’s Cornas ‘Chaillot’ 2012. Balthazar took over from his father René in 2002, and quickly proved to be one of the most thoughtful and talented winemakers in the region. His ‘Chaillot’ bottling, from one of the great vineyards of Cornas, is always a delicious, memorable, and complete wine.

We hope you will join us this week at Bar Boulud for these exciting big bottle pours!