A Special Horizontal Tasting of Cru Barolo from Vietti in Double Magnum

Few places in the world of wine evoke the sense of place as convincingly as Barolo. With a feeling of warmth and grace, the wines convey a timelessness and emotionality that draws us in again and again. Put a glass of pure, honest Barolo in front of someone, and you have likely made a new friend.

This week, we are delighted to offer a very special horizontal tasting of Vietti’s single vineyard offerings from the 2011 vintage, all poured from 3-Liter Double Magnum.

Vietti is one of the truly historical estates of Barolo. In fact, historically, Barolo had always been a wine that was blended from different villages and different vineyards. The idea being that a blend would make a more complete wine. Many great wines are still made in this traditional fashion, most famously, the wines of Bartolo Mascarello. A splash of Serralunga d’Alba for structure, La Morra for a softer, sweeter tannin, Monforte for aromatics. This all changed in 1961, when Alfredo Currado of Vietti bottled the very first single vineyard Barolo from the Rocche di Castiglione cru, sparking a winemaking revolution in the Langhe. The rest, as they say, is history.

Please join us this week as we pour Vietti’s top wines, including their single-vineyard bottlings of Rocche, Lazzarito, Brunate, and Ravera. It promises to be a great week!