A focus on Very old vine Beaujolais & Tuscany’s ‘Cepparello’ from a 12-Liter Balthazar

We are very excited to offer these amazing big bottle selections by the glass this week at Bar Boulud. Monday evening we will be pouring a very rare Beaujolais from Bruno Debize. Grown in the town of Bully, not too far from Lyon, this wine is comes from 140 year old vines. It is amazing to step back and really think about that, to think that someone many generations ago planted these vines in a field in Beaujolais. To think of all the conversations that have passed between those vines in 140 years, it is really awe inspiring.

Sadly, Debize leased these vines, and the owner decided to uproot them after the 2013 vintage, so this is the first, last and only bottling.  We hope you can join us for a taste of this very special wine.

Also, this Friday and Saturday night, we will be pouring Isole e Olena’s famed ‘Cepparello’ from a 12-Liter Balthazar. From the famed 2010 vintage, this is pure Sangiovese that shows both elegance and finesse, and really illustrates the potential of the Chianti zone for making transcendent wine. Please join us this weekend for a glass of this historic wine from Chianti legend, Paolo de Marchi.